Tech Pacific brings down cost-to-partner

DQW Bureau
24 May 2002

Tech Pacific India has brought down its cost-to-partner by delivering goods within two to three hours in six locations. In some areas, it provides direct delivery to the end-users as well. "This is a value-offering we provide to our partners," says K Jaishankar, CEO, Tech Pacific India.

The company's key focus area this year is to expand to more C-class locations. It is also working with vendors to carry their products on an exclusive basis. "In such an arrangement, the vendor will require strong marketing and after-sales support, exposure to remote locations and good logistics management. And Tech Pacific can satisfy all these needs to a great extent," adds

Tech Pac has already been appointed as exclusive distributor for Autodesk and 3Com and expects a few more relationships to get finalized in due course of time. 

In the past, Tech Pacific leveraged its logistics support by providing local delivery to partners within 24 hours. After bringing it down to two to three hours in six locations, the company is expanding this facility to more cities. "Whatever incremental costs are incurred, we absorb them as our infrastructural expenses," states

The idea behind providing direct delivery stemmed from Tech Pac's commitment to reduce dealers' transportation expenses and help them improve their margins. 

Vinita Suvarna Bhatia 


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