Tech-Com planning to widen its product portfolio

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India, one of the top growing brands in computer hardware and

consumer electronics in India, is planning to widen its spread across

the country in order to reach out to its customers on a bigger scale.

The brand, which already has 14 branches across the major cities of

India, is planning on opening three more branches shortly. Tech-Com

had recently opened three offices in the time-span of a month in

Bhubaneshwar, Lucknow and Guwahati. The company will also be

extending on its current product portfolio by adding about 50 new

products to its product line. Tech-Com has been highly successful in

its range of products owing to their excellent quality coupled with

affordability, and is aiming for growth in turnover to the tune of

100 percent at a YoY basis.




portfolio of Tech-Com ranges across various IT peripherals

and consumer electronics products chiefly comprising of monitors,

cabinets, UPS, Web cameras, speakers, keyboards, mouse, headphones,

TV tuners, HDD casings, card readers etc. Amongst these, the ones

that would feature prominently are: nine new models of 5.1 home

theatres (with USB/SD/FM); TFT monitors; 2.1 speakers (with

USB/SD/FM/remote); keyboard and mouse combos; 20 megapixel Web

cameras; card readers, cabinets; wireless mouse (2.4 GHz technology);

wireless headsets and USB TV stick (TV tuner card).




Director, Tech-Com shared, “The Indian market is a large one

and in order to reach out to this customer base, it is imperative

that we widen our reach. We are committed to the requirements of our

customers and hence have a constant endeavour towards coming out with

products that are innovative, latest in technology, and customized to

suffice the requirements of our customers in terms of both quality

and affordability.” The company also plans to widen its product

range in the consumer electronics segment soon.