Tech caravan travels to twin cities

New Update

Following the successful journeys across the South, ‘The DQ Week', recently organized Tech Caravan at Hyderabad where around 50 people participated and shared their views. Some of the key issues like the growth of online trading, transformation of customer attitude towards the channel partners, changes in the buying pattern and significance of a local association were discussed during the meeting.

On the growth of online trading many partners shared that the online trading has slowly become a habit of the customers for IT products and said that day will come when all the IT shopping would be done online itself. However, few set of partners said that the customers need a touch-and-feel for all products so online shopping cannot replace the traditional formats. Participants also raised questions that if online shopping is the only future, why these many LFRs and other big malls are coming everywhere. Some partners felt that even though the products like Laptop, desktop may not be vulnerable to online trading. However, they felt that the products below Rs.5000/- can be purchased online in the future. Partners also agreed to get tuned to the current trends on customers expectation.

Partners also shared some figures that some of the key partners in Hyderabad had started online shopping and it had been constantly doing good business through that. On the customers attitude, partners felt that the customers are well-aware today and are coming well-prepared for buying any product which has always been an advantage for the shop-owners.

Interestingly, Levis Wilson and Sourabh Chauan, representatives from Astecs and Busy infotech respectively, shared their views on the growing trends in the online trading and the need for the partners to get adapted to that.

Astecs, Uniline, Norton, Busy infotech were the sponsors of the event and TCCDA (Twin City Computer Dealers Association) was the association partner of the event.