TCS solution to help retailers roll-out new outlets

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a globalIT services firm, has ann-ounced a

new retail-specific solution utilizing Microsoft technologies, designed to give

project managers better in-sight into new store opening processes through

enterprise reporting. The new solution called 'New Store Opening' will be

demonstrated in the Micro-soft booth at the Retail Sys-tems Conference in

Chicago and at the TCS booth. By some retailers' estimates, roughly 80 percent

of tasks associated with a new store opening or store rem-odel stay the same

from store to store. Retailers, however, often lack the appro-priate set of

tools and metho-dologies to assign, monitor and report on the multitude of


According to the press release, TCS' new store ope-ning solution provides

retai-lers with customized busi-ness process templates and a cen-tral,

searchable repository for documents, budgets, or any content associated with

assi-gned tasks. The solution also offers many additional bene-fits such as

benchmarking and giving companies a better understanding to anticipate how long

a particular business process should take versus how long it actually takes.

This solution utilizes Microsoft Office Enterprise Management technologies

including Microsoft Office Project Server 2003, Microsoft Office Project

Professional 2003, Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2000 and the Microsoft Office

System. The release further states that 'New Store Opening' address-es

numerous issues and challenges a retailer may face, such as lack of

communication and collaboration across project teams, unstructured document

repositories, delays with new and remodeled sto-res and corporate governance and

compliance pressures.

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