TCS software educating WB prisoners

In a recent official report it was found that about 43% of prisoners in West Bengal are angootha chaap. The number of such prisoners is 9223. In order to educate prisoners, State Government in collaboration with TCS has come up with Project Sandipan.

Under this project, Tata Consultancy Services has designed special software which is helping prisoners in jail to read and write. The project has been started from Alipore jail on occasion of Saraswati Puja in Kolkata last month.


Government was already running different amending programs for prisoners but it was giving much benefit to them as they are not educated. Now, State Government is aiming to educate 100% prisoners and giving more importance to Project Sandipan. In first phase of this project, TCS has given computer training to jail employees so that they can impart knowledge to illiterate prisoners.

Sagardutta a TCS employee told us, “TCS has created software for this project. The curriculum has been created until the third grade. A prisoner enrolled in this program has to give a test. After completing his studies, prisoner will receive a certificate issued by Union Human Resource Development Ministry. Prisoner can also continue his studies through advance course.”

Already state-federal correctional officers and 90 workers have been trained in four phases.

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