Tata relaunches VoData through channels

DQW Bureau
02 Jul 2005

Lalani Infotech Ltd has been appointed by Tata as the exclusive regional
distributor of VoData card for the Eastern region. In a bid to cash in on the
current boom in the laptop market Tata has relaunched this product. This time
the company has adopted an aggressive marketing strategy, which will make the
product easily available to the masses. IT channel has been roped in for the
distribution of the cards targeted mainly laptop users, especially high school
students, lawyers and SMEs.

The VoData card works as a wireless network card, mobile phone and modem.

It fits into the standard type two PCMCIA card slot used in almost every
notebook and gives ready voice call, Internet connectivity, downloading and SMS
facilities. It is accessible for intranet, extranet as well as corporate LAN and
can also be connected to VPNs, field services, sales force and customer
relationship appli-cations on the move.

The product comes with a high speed of 153 kbps connectivity and data
transfer with easy installation and maintenance facility. It ensures 100 percent
privacy protection for the users with a built-in lock code without which the
card cannot function. The product comes with an earphone jack to be connected to
the card.

The card consumes less power resulting in an increased lifespan of the laptop
battery. Attuned to most of the hardware the VoData card comes with unmatched
data download and upload speed.

The Vo Data card will be available through IT channel in East India only. In
other parts of the country it will be available through direct corporate sales.

The relaunched card is competitively priced at Rs 9995.

The company is likely to appoint more partners based on the demand for the

The VoData Card is backed by a one-year warranty.

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