Tata Infotech provides computer literacy and life skills to slum children

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Tata Infotech Ltd, a company imparting training in Information Technology, has taken up the cause of mainstreaming their lives by providing computer education and life skills to slum children in municipality schools for free in Delhi and Mumbai. Tata Infotech has been striving to make a difference in the lives of these children through these social initiatives, which enabled about more than 2000 slum children to get access to the computer for the first time. It has donated all the required hardware and software along with deputing its faculty members for training of students. Management and training inputs are also provided to the staff members of Deepalaya and the BMC schools by the Tata Infotech team. 

In another initiative, volunteers from Tata Infotech are mainstreaming street children at the shelter run by the Vatsalaya foundation in Mumbai. The volunteers are attempting to institutionalize a positive change in the children's lives by understanding and analyzing the social, economic, physical, and emotional needs of children - restoring lost communication.

Further, they are creating access to basic services such as education, care and vocational training. They are also helping in

improving the children's self-image and confidence by coaching them to actively participate in cultural and talent building activities which they help stage too, in order to bring out creativity and foster innovation. 

Rahul Thapan, Head - Education Services Division, Tata Infotech Limited, stated, "Tata Infotech has tied up with Deepalaya-one of the largest NGOs in New Delhi and in Mumbai, it is doing the same in alliance with the Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), 'Each One Teach One'- a Non Government Organization and 'Partners in Change'- a philanthropic organization. Our faculty members undertake responsibilities of not only teaching the children but also improving the quality of their lives."

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