TASHU by Unistal- An Earning Opportunity for Partners & Engineers

Unistal is coming up with an amazing earning opportunity for all partners and engineers who are willing to be involved in promoting Protegent. TASHU has been especially designed to promote Unistal’s data security product “Protegent”.

“We are extremely proud to introduce TASHU- a Trust Association Program for the growth and development of our antivirus product Protegent along with amazing opportunity of profit making for our associated partners and engineers working dedicatedly to promote Protegent. Partners and Engineer are heartily welcomed to join TASHU which adds to the promotion of Protegent along with great opportunity for profit making”- Said Alok Gupta, Managing Director (Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.)

Unistal is focusing on promotion of Protegent data security products with the introduction of TASHU. The main audience of TASHU is IT product partners and engineers throughout the country who can get associated with Unistal for selling and promotion of Protegent.  With every installation/activation, the TASHU member gets reward points in their account. Members get instant 10 reward points when he completes its initial registration on TASHU.  On every Protegent product installation/activation, TASHU members get respective rewards points which get accumulated in their account. On completion of a targeted amount, the reward is transferred to the TASHU member.

TASHU is introduced for Protegent products:

  1. Protegent Antivirus – Get 1 Reward Point on Installation/Activation
  2. Protegent Total Security- Get 2 Reward Points on Installation/Activation
  3. Protegent Complete Security- Get 3 Reward Points on Installation/Activation

We urge all IT partners and engineers across India to get register with TASHU to be a part of Protegent promotion and get extra monetary rewards while selling products data security products.

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