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Targus wins CES 2019 Innovation Award for the USB-C Universal HD Docking Station

Targus has  unveiled two revolutionary products at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show 2019 – MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System, a solution that will allow companies to better optimize and utilize their workspace; and DOCK520USZ, its award-winning Universal Quad Video HD docking station. The products have been launched in the US and are expected to be launched in India in the latter half of the year.

MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System is an IoT-connected platform that blends enterprise-grade hardware (Smart USB-C Dock, Smart Power Strip, Smart Sensor, and Desktop Power Strip) with cloud-based software to deliver meaningful insights into the workspace. With MiraLogic, companies will be able to better understand how their workspaces are being utilized, allowing them to make better decisions of the space needed for an effective workforce and allow for remote access to the workspace to efficiently solve technical solutions across the organization. The solution enables IT managers to understand and control overall energy consumption by providing insights on how much power is being used at a desk, department or floor level, improving the overall energy efficiency of the office.

“MiraLogic represents a huge step in making our workplaces more intelligent,” said Ron DeCamp, Vice President of Global Product Management and Development. “This solution gives businesses a clear view into how their workspaces are being utilized, allowing them to make informed operational decisions about how much space is actually required, and ways to reduce unnecessary energy consumption when workspaces are not in use. Our solution will also assist IT in decreasing the time spent on support through remote control and management of the workspace, ultimately saving IT teams time, money and lost productivity.”

Also, displayed and officially released at CES was the world’s first universal docking station to extend a desktop on to four HD displays. A CES 2019 Innovations Awards Honoree, the USB-C Universal Quad Video HD Docking Station (DOCK520USZ) allows a laptop to connect to up to four monitors via (4) HDMI video out ports. Outfitted with Dual DisplayLinkDL-3950 chip technology, the dock supports four HD (1920 x 1080 p60) displays or dual 2K (2560 x 1440 p50) displays and includes additional ports to connect essential USB 3.0 peripherals and to an Ethernet network. With its compact design, it consumes half the desk space as compared to typical docks and offers wide compatibility with any laptop with Thunderbolt 3, Display Port Alt-Mode, or USB 3.0, 3.1 and Type-C devices.

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