Tamil keyboards for just Rs 750

DQW Bureau
02 Feb 2002

Can you ever imagine getting a Tamil keyboard for just Rs 750 while HCL Peripherals and TVSE (the only two popular Tamil keyboard makers) are quoting Rs 1,250 and Rs 1,650 respectively?

Well, you can get it says Valli Software Solutions.

Valli Software Solutions, a leading language solution provider, in association with SSS Systems, a leading IT dealer in the city, is launching Tamil keyboards for Rs 750 and above. Called SangaPalagai, the keyboards are likely to hit the market stands in the next few days. "We are launching three models of Tamil keyboard namely SangaPalagai Dragon, SangaPalagai Derby and SangaPalagai Dart to suit customers' budget and requirements," said C Ananthan, Proprietor, Valli Software Solutions.

SangaPalagai Tamil keyboards come with a software CD - Kadhambam, which has Tamil word processor, Tamil keyboard interface, Tamil keyboard tutor, Tamil games and clip arts, all for free-of-cost.

"We have quoted a low price in order to keep the product affordable for everyone and at the same time promote Tamil usage in IT field," said

SSS Systems, which is an investment and strategic partner in the project, is confident of making it big in the market.

According to Sadiq Batcha, Managing Director, SSS Systems Pvt Ltd, "We have invested Rs 20 lakh in the project and expect to sell one lakh units in the next one year."

The keyboard works on all Windows platform from Windows95 to latest WindowsXP, and it supports Tamilnet`99 standards. "We have applied for Tamil Nadu government certification and we are planning to push this product in a big way in all government departments and educational institutions, besides in the open market," said

The company is also planning to take the product in the international market by exporting it to Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

SangaPalagai Dragon is a lightweight sleek keyboard with 107 keys, PS-II connector and special Power, Sleep and Wake-up buttons. This entry-level product is priced Rs 750. SangaPalagai Derby is a heavy-duty product with a price tag of Rs 850, while SangaPalagai Dart is a multimedia keyboard with USB connector for a price of Rs 1,100. "It has 15 built-in Internet and multimedia special keys to make Internet browsing more comfortable," he said.

The company is planning a series of roadshows in Tamil Nadu and abroad to promote this product.

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