Tally taps upcountry market in East

DQW Bureau
New Update


Tally Solutions is all set to expand aggressively in the upcountry regions

across India.

Focusing particularly on Eastern India, the company has divided the upcountry

regions into different operational zones appointing one distributor for each

zone. Tally has christened its distributors 'Master Tally Partner' (MTP).

Under the Master Tally Partner program, Tally will train its channel to

provide technical support to customers. Apart from this, Tally, along with its

district distributors, will conduct partner training programs. The company is

also working on activities to encourage direct customer interaction and



Recently, Tally held a meet-'Tally for you' in Burdwan district of West

Bengal for channel partners and end-users. The focus of the event was to

generate awareness about Tally products among entrepreneurs in Burdwan and gear

its partners to provide basic technical support to customers. The meet was

attended by around 200 end-users and 32 channel partners.

Commenting on the usage and exclusivity of Tally, Amit Sharma, CEO,

Dynavision Corporation, a Tally MTP said, “Tally is a user-friendly software

offering unmatched accounting solutions. The brand has a greater amount of

recognition and recall value in the region than its competitors. The company is

now keen on developing a technical as well as marketing service team that will

help customers with installation, deployment and other ancillary services which

will be routed through the distributors and channel.”

Tally has now entered the agricultural vertical, tapping major rice-mills in

Burdwan, and is looking forward to tapping associated agricultural industries in

this effort. The company may appoint additional technical support to make

accounting units for the agricultural sector as well.

“In the rice-mills, we have found that customers want small unitary

calculations which are not available in the current software. Besides, they also

want special components to be customized to meet their needs,” said Jayshree

Guha, Marketing Head, Dynavision Corporation.

“We have passed on the feedback to Tally who is soon coming out with a

customized solution,” she concluded.