Tally joins ISODA as principal charter member

30 Oct 2012

Tally, one of the leading player in the Indian packaged software industry has joined Infotech Software Dealers Association (ISODA) as a principal charter member.Tally will work jointly with the ISODA management to help streamline the issues being faced by the community of resellers. Tally will also be a part of the joint representations being made to the government authorities on issues relating to the packaged software products.

" ISODA represents all players in the field of software distribution chain with the vendor, distributor and reseller being the members of the association.  ISODA  is a national  association of software resellers in the business of selling IT Packaged, off the shelf software and it is an important segment for Tally. We are focused on building an active, well established software selling channel in the country.", said Aravind K S, AVP, Tally Solutions. Speaking on the impact post tie-up with ISODA, he said, "To establish a very strong software business channel identity in the country & to work together to help the members to grow their business effectively we have tied up with such an association which is very relevant to us." On issues related to piracy, Aravind said, "Software piracy remains to be a serious threat to the software industry. Adequate awareness programs should be carried out to make people understand the seriousness of intellectual property theft. The risks and dangers of using pirated software and the benefits of using licensed software should be conveyed to the common public. The fact that pirated customers will not be able to get the benefits of a ‘licensed application' will help shift people from pirated to official versions."

He said further adding that "We expect ISODA to use Tally's experience effectively in the business of software products and channels, also share the  issues / problems which the members maybe facing with respect to Tally or otherwise, so that Tally can participate where ever suitable. Over all we look forward to ISODA to invite / encourage Tally to participate in its various  initiatives which will establish a strong software channel in the country."