Tally intros vernacular version

DQW Bureau
13 Mar 2006


Tally (India) announced the release of its latest version

of its small enterprise product, Tally Financial Accounting and Inventory

Management soft­ware, in Bangalore. Tally­Silver 8.1 and TallyGold 8.1 now

support entry of data in all unidirectional languages and scripts, concurrently.

Users can interact with the software through all com­monly

performed func­tions by choosing from the built-in vernacular inter­faces.

Inter­faces in additi­onal local languages are being added to the software


"We have made a

sincere effort to help businessmen talk to each other and their customers

in their preferred languages,"


-Bharat Goenka, MD, Tally

Bharat Goenka, MD, Tally (India) said, “Our recent

research reveals that this facility finds acceptance at two levels - first, the

software can now generate bills, invoices and other documen­ta­tion in

regional languages ensuring maxi­mum reada­bility among the recipients.

Secondly, the very ability of a business owner to interface with this infor­mation

in his own language generates an indirect emotional connec­tion that is as

valuable as the direct utilitarian benefit accrued to the business.”

Available through 10 user interfaces in major Indian

languages, TallySilver/Gold 8.1 help the user to interact with the software

using menu options that have already been translated into regional languages.

DQW News Bureau New Delhi, Feb 28