DQW Bureau
07 Dec 2005


3.5 inch home theater storage

SSI corporation recently introduce 3.5-inch home theater

storage to offer huge storage capacity of movie titles on a conventional hard

disk drive at a fraction of the cost compared to the products available in the

market today. The media format you can show are as follows: MP3, multimedia

titles such as MPEG4 (DVD quality), your pictures taken from digital cameras.

This device is easy to use and all you need is to connect your television RCA

input jack. Besides, the device is USB 2.0 OTG, which you can take anywhere at



  • TV out - Easy to connect from audio, video to TV without

    requiring any desktop or laptop PC, enjoy movie, music and pictures on TV,

    user-friendly firmware and easy installation.

  • Movie player - supports multiple MPEG formats: MPEG1


    MPEG2 (AVI/VOB) and MPEG4 (AVI/ Divx3.0/Divx4.0/XivD/3VID/), MP3 player,

    stores thousands of MP3 music and allows you to enjoy your friends.

  • Picture viewer-share JPEG photos with your family and


    You may view the picture and play some simultaneously.

  • USB2.0 OTG - back up files directly from digital cameras,

    card readers, pen drives etc for dual-directional copying, connect with at

    most seven-port hub for files transferring

  • User friendly interface - built-in card reader for SD and

    MMC, USB2.0

    transfer rate up to 480mb/s, backward compatible with USB1.1, AV out to connect

    with TV.

Two-in-one VoIP phone from JAHT

The SkyTalk is a new VoIP revolution two-in-one device, which

combines Skype phone and traditional phone. It allows free Internet talk, is

easy to set up as plug and play and does not require maintenance of VoIP server

and gateway.


  • Skype and PSTN phone operation support.

  • 99 Skype phone book entries auto link.

  • 99 two-key memory.

  • Three-line LCD display with adjustable LCD contrast.

  • Three one-touch


  • 24 keypad supports.

  • 50 caller ID incoming calls memory and dial back.

  • Call waiting support.

  • Phone book name user redefine.

  • Speaker phone function support.

  • Speech volume selectable.

  • Ring type and volume control.

  • Ring indicator.

  • PABX function setup.

  • Skype to PSTN phone driver support.

  • IM driver upgrade (MSN, Yahoo, etc).

  • Desk and wall mountable.

  • USB 2.0 compatible.

  • Compatible with Windows XP/2000/2003 standard sound card


  • Dual power system and 9V DC jack support for PSTN power.

On-the-go GoPC mobile from Aicsys

Aicsys has just announced the release of its first version of

car PC products, GoPC series for those who are always on the run. The system

enables the performance of all data processing needs without causing constraint

to users' mobility. The first of its kind, GoPC-600 is supported by ultra low

power, silent and fanless VIA Eden ESP-600MHz processor with VIA CLE266 North

Bridge featuring integrated VIA UniChrome 2D/3D graphics and an MPEG-2

accelerator with motion compensation to enhance its multimedia performance,

along with inclusive 512MB DDRAM (expandable to 1GB) memory bandwidth of DDR266

SDRAM and the high transfer speeds of ATA-133. Unlike other mobile PCs, GoPC

supports a vast array of I/O functions and one slim-CDROM that allow users to

function almost exactly like in their office. GoPC supports both 2.5" size

HDD and Flash drive for data storage. A riser card that supports up to two low

profile PCI cards and PCMCIA slot are available for video capture cards, GPS

modules and more.


GoPC-Mobile comes with a 90W SmartCar ATX DC/DC power supply

operates over wide input range of six - 24VDC with over surge protector makes it

a perfect solution for virtually every kind of vehicles. GoPC-Mobile is also a

low cost solution for unlimited variety of applications including car computer,

video servers, set-top box, kiosk or POS.


  • VIA Eden 600MHz ESP processor, up to 1GB memory.

  • Integrated VIA UniChrome AGP graphics controller.

  • Slim 24X CDROM.

  • 90W SmartCar ATX PSU with wide input range of six -


  • Supports (two) low-profile PCI cards.

  • Supports one 2.5" HDD or 2.5" flash drive.

  • Low cost solution for an unlimited variety of applications to include

    mobile computer, video servers, SetTop box, kiosk or POS.

Secure data with SATA-II raid module

Information is very important and it getting bigger and vital

as you cannot afford to loose them.

SSI Computer Corporation introduced

SATA-II Raid Module, a

versatile storage devices on which you can save and secure all your information.

Using the latest technology, the SATA II is next generation of serial ATA with

blazing top speed of 3Gb/s data transfer rate.


  • Three-in-one module, occupy 2 x 5.25" bays, for

    3 x 3.5" SATA HDD use.

  • Aluminum body and inner tray.

  • Dimension- 210(L) x 150W) x 85(H) mm.

  • Support SATA-I and SATA-II


  • Hot swappable.

  • Built-in 60 x 60 x 15mm cooling fan.

  • Built-in buzzer for overheating and fan fail alarm.

  • LED to indicate power on/off and fan


  • Black and beige colors available.

  • System requirements.

  • Available in two adjacent 5.25" bays.

  • Available in four-pin peripheral power connectors.

  • SATA supported motherboard or controller card.