TAIT to organize Seminar on GST

“GST- A way forward” GST- A Tax Reform or a Business Reform?

Trade Association of Information Technology (TAIT) to organize a seminar on GST at Krishna Palace, Grant Road, Mumbai on 13th April 2017.

The event will be leaded by Mr. Shailesh P. Seth, Advocate & Founder, M/s SPS Legal.

He has over 25 years experience in Consulting, Advisory and Litigation Practice in the field of Indirect Tax Laws that include Central Excise, Service Tax, Customs, State VAT Laws and CST.

As the whole nation is in suspense that what GST will constitute of? But some experts have some knowledge about GST and they are trying to educate as many as partners Mr. Shailesh Seth is one of them. All the association across India organizing seminars and meetings to educate their partners and members about GST that how to tackle it ,how to do businesses and new measures to maximize the profit.

Topics to be covered under the session are:


  • Present Indirect Taxation Structure at Central and States Level
  • Why GST? Justification for GST
  • What is GST?
  • Is GST a possible Solution?
  • International Perspective or Experience on GST.
  • Salient Features of the constitution (101st Amendment) Act, 2016
  • Proposed Dual GST Model and Building Blocks
  • Key Provisions of Model GST Law released in November, 2016 and its relevance/ implications for the trade and industry
  • GST & its implications on Business

The schedule for the program is as follows:

6:00 PM – 6:20 PM – Registration

6:20PM – 8:20 PM- Session

8:20PM – 9:00PM – Question/ Answers

9:00 PM Onwards- Dinner


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