TAIT Pathshala Empowers SMEs with comprehensive Google 'G Suite'

DQW Bureau
15 Mar 2017
TAIT Pathshala Empowers SMEs with comprehensive Google 'G Suite'

In today's globalised business environment, there are ample ways for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to spur productivity and growth through various tried and tested technologies. As the global economy rushes towards increased automation and digitisation, a better technology is considered one of the most important components to accelerating business growth among SMEs.

According to studies, cloud technology helps organisations boost operational efficiency with cost effectiveness; moving to cloud infrastructure makes organisations grow up to 26% faster and become up to 21% more profitable. Organisations working with demanding business partners in a fast changing market should have the right essential tools to build an internal working network for operational efficiency with mobile access across devices to enable efficient and productive collaboration among employees. In this backdrop, Mumbai-based premier association of IT companies, Trade Association of Information Technology (TAIT) organised a TAIT Paathshaala workshop for members on optimum use of Gmail and Google Suite. The session was conducted by Shailesh Bhimani, Google Apps Sales & Deployment Specialist.

"Talking about the new generation technologies available today, network computing and cloud computing has many advantages to offer SMEs. For instance, adopting the Google suite can help to make work more streamlined by real-time sharing of documents, project plans, sales and financial accounting data, product pictures and videos and much more. This helps to strengthen SME organisations by allowing teams to work together, irrespective of their geographical locations and the devices that they use,"said Shailesh Bhimani, Google Apps Sales and Deployment Specialist.

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