TAIT says 'No Octroi-No LBT'

A bandh was organized with a protest rally, which proceeded to Azad Maidan in Mumbai

New Update

Last week, The DQ Week had reported about its meeting with Mumbai based Traders Association of Information Technology (TAIT) board members, where they had informed us about their support against LBT. With a motive to showcase their support against LBT, the association and its channel members announced a Bandh on Monday.


TAIT announced Bandh against LBT on Monday  ie on April 22, 2013. Rushabh Shah, president, TAIT said, "The entire Lamington Road IT fraternity including our members, retailers were closed yesterday and had successfully participated in the protest rally against LBT." He further added, "We would like to thank everyone for remaining present and participate in the 1 day strike called by TAIT."

All the directors and members had joined the protest rally from Lamington road to Carnac Bunder in Mumbai and joined the Federation of Association of Maharashtra (FAM), which had proceeded to Azad Maidan.

On the same day, TAIT conducted a special meeting at Hotel Krishna Palace in the evening wherein experts having knowledge of LBT gave information to TAIT members regarding what is LBT, rules and procedures regarding LBT, pros and cons of LBT and other relevant aspects of this matter. The panel consisted of senior TAIT board members and representatives of FAM, who answered and cleared all queries pertaining to LBT.

Shah said, "We at TAIT are very clear and support the movement 'NO OCTROI - NO LBT'. It was decided by all the members present during the meeting to carry on with the business as normal and extend our full support and cooperation in the major upcoming events for protesting against LBT."

TAIT is very clear on its stand 'NO OCTROI - NO LBT'