TAIT alarms its members against Shanti Systems

DQW Bureau
New Update


In view of the rising incidents of fraud, TAIT (Trade Associa­tion of

Information Techno­logy) has alarmed its members against yet another fradulent

company operating by the name of Shanti Systems in Mumbai. TAIT alleged that

Proprie­tor Sanjay of Shanti Systems located at Matunga in Mumbai has taken one

of its members Triveni Copy Systems for a ride.

In a mail, copy of which is with The DQ Week, TAIT has alarmed its members

against Shanti Systems and requested them to bring the matter to the

association's notice in case the company's proprietor tries to approach them for

any business related activity.

Informing about the fraud incident, Laxmikant Morarka, Proprietor Triveni

Copy Systems shared, “Few weeks ago Sanjay of Shanti Systems approached my

company and purchased several Transcend pen drives in my absence. He also issued

a State Bank of Hyderabad cheque for Rs 15,525 which later bounced in view of

insufficient funds. Following this I sent one of my employees at his office

address only to learn that there was no company that existed by that name. He

has shared incorrect details about his office address with the bank.”


Triveni has also resolved to write a letter to the bank in order to garner

further details around the customer. “We will be writing a letter to the bank

and question them around the authencity of Shanti Systems and the reasons for

acknowledging his creden­tials,” added Morarka.

Shanti Systems had purchased around 30 units of Transcend's 2GB pen drive

(serial no 525332-0531-0540/0671-0680/524713-8501-8510) and seven units of 8GB

pen drive (serial no. 526798-3034-3040).

When contacted, Praveen Dhoka, Secretary, TAIT stated, “We have alarmed our

members against Shanti Systems through a mail and further requested them to

share details of any such fraud customers.”