Syntech is all set to establish its own brand

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Kolkata-based Syntech Infor-matics Pvt Ltd, will soon introduce the Syntech

brand of PCs, laptops, MP3 players, USB flash drives, UPS systems, plasma TVs

and air conditioners.

Though this sounds like an ambitious undertaking, Milon Chakraborty, MD,

Syntech is confident of making it work. He is getting into consumer ele-ctronics

as these are fast selling products, which he can offer to his existing clientele

as along-side an IT solution package. Syntech has even opened an office in

Shanghai, to be closer to its OEM partners.

Just like its product mix, the company is dabbling in every channel activity

to ensure that its revenues continue to grow at a steady pace. Syntech has five

divisions-service, turnkey projects, reselling, software development and



When asked whether he is spreading himself too thin, Chakraborty replied in

the negative. "If my PC business does not do well, then CE sales will

balance the loss. And if this venture does not work out to our expectations, we

can alw-ays rely on our other channel business to help us keep grow-ing,"

he pointed out.

Syntech which is an IBM partner and sells its PCs, will stop trading in these

machines once it launches its own brand. This is to avoid conflict of inte-rest.

The company might go a step further and stop its rese-lling business totally, if

sales of its own products is good.

Chakraborty is confident of selling at least 250 PCs a month in the eastern

region itself. "We have an existing base of 250 partners in this region.

Each dealer can sell at least one PC monthly, which is why we have arrived at

this conservative estimate," he added.

The company is also undergoing a certification before the launch of its

products. Chakraborty expects this move to give his brand more weightage and

credibility in the market.

Vinita Bhatia