Symantec solution to drive down IT cost

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Symantec announced the

release of Symantec i3 7.5 application performance management software, for­merly

known as VERITAS i3. The latest version of the software provides enhance­ments

to enable performance problem identification, root cause analysis, and proactive

management of J2EE plat­forms. Additionally, it extends support to the Sybase

data­base environment, and provides customers with additional operating system

and database support.

Using Symantec i3, custo­mers

whose production environments require opti­mum performance levels to support

high -value opera­tions such as online banking, stock trading, or retail

transactions are able to achieve measur­able applica­tion performance,

producti­vity and availability improvements that directly translate into

tangible bottom-line savings.

“Maintaining optimal

performance of enterprise applications has become a business-critical initiative

for today's enterprises,” said Brian Babineau, Enterprise Strategy Group.

“Compre­hensive application perfor­mance management solu­tions help

organizations improve business efficiency and mitigate costs by quickly

identifying and resolving potential bottlenecks within an application


“The business impact of poor performing applications has

turned into a mainstream problem for enterprises as they increasingly rely on

them to drive their productivity and revenue,” said Henri Isenberg, VP,

Application Performance Management, Symantec. ”