Symantec intros Norton 360 all-in-one suite

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To keep consumers protected, href="">


has launched the latest version of Norton 360 that includes the

latest security technology as well as remote access to securely

backed up data. Norton 360 version 4.0 also delivers protection for

Web-based attacks, including the latest social networking threats.

With smartphone use predicted to

account for nearly half of all mobile phone sales worldwide by 2013,

Norton has introduced its first beta application for the Android and

plans to introduce its first beta applications for the iPad and

iPhone in the next few weeks. After downloading the free application

of their choice from the iPhone App Store or the Android Market,

consumers who have stored data online with Norton 360 or Norton

Online Backup can access and share their documents, music, photos or

videos directly from their device. Norton products and services help

more than 11 million consumers stay connected with anytime, anywhere

access to their online data. Now Norton 360 users who use online

storage can access any of their files from a Web browser and either

download it or e-mail a link to friends and family.

“Consumers today expect to be able to

access and share their files, photos and music anytime, from any

device, and our mobile applications make that possible,” said Rowan

Trollope, Senior VP-Consumer Products and Marketing, href="">Symantec.

“Consumers are also interacting more on social networks, which have

become a top target for cyber criminals. Norton 360's

reputation-based technology leverages the strength of millions of our

community members and is proven effective in fighting the Web-based

threats that attack social networks,” he added.