Symantec announces ManHunt Smart Agent for Symantec Host IDS

Symantec Corp has announced ManHunt Smart Agent for Symantec Host IDS. Symantec’s newest security solution allows organizations to manage their host- and network-based IDS events from a single console. Utilizing enterprise-wide, real-time event correlation, aggregation and analysis, organizations are now able to more efficiently and cost effectively assess their overall security situation. 

“Because Symantec’s customers are now able to assess both their host and network intrusion detection systems at the same time with one console, they are better equipped to respond to attacks quickly, mitigating possible damage,” said Joy Ghosh, Country Manager (India), Symantec. “The product is designed for medium to large enterprise organizations that need to cut through the clutter of a high-volume network to identify the most malicious threats.” 

ManHunt Smart Agent for Symantec Host IDS allows IT administrators to feed events from Symantec Host IDS 4.0 into ManHunt, and to monitor and analyze the events from the ManHunt administration console. 

Symantec ManHunt is an advanced network-based intrusion detection system that provides multiple detection methodologies to detect both known and unknown, or ‘zero day’ attacks. ManHunt’s core detection capability uses protocol anomaly detection, signature detection with custom signature support, traffic state profiling and statistical flow analysis to identify intrusions and denial of service attacks, at speeds of up to 2 gigabits per second, dependent upon system configuration.

Symantec Host IDS is a host-based intrusion detection system that provides real-time monitoring and detection and response to security breaches. As a complement to firewalls and other access controls, it enables administrators to develop rules and actions to stop hackers or authorized users with malicious intent from misusing systems. 

Symantec Host IDS stores events in the Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture database. The Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture is a standards-based infrastructure that integrates multiple Symantec and third-party solutions, allowing them to work together to provide secure, manageable and scalable enterprise security. Customer environments are heterogeneous and often contain security products from many vendors. Therefore, an interoperable architecture is a critical enabler to enterprises that need strong security and centralized management. All of the Symantec Security Management System components are built in compliance with Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture. 

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