Switching Electronics to expand to North India

DQW Bureau
05 Nov 2000

Cyber News Service

New Delhi, Oct 30


Calcutta-based Switching Electronics, manufacturer of AVO-UPS for the past eight years has decided to make a foray in the northern region. The firm is shortly establishing another division of its production unit at Delhi with an intention of covering one of the most lucrative markets for computer related products in India. 

The market-plan of the firm for the Delhi sector focuses entirely on direct sales with competitive pricing and easy accessibility. Presently, Switching Electronics sells around 1000 AVO UPS per month in the Eastern region. Most of these cater to the needs of the home office and small office segment. 

"We have the acquired the credibility for emerging a potential leader in the manufacturing of UPS in the Indian market. The shift in focus to the north would serve to put us at the threshold of realizing our goals as a major producer in India," said Rabindra Agarwal, MD, Switching Electronics. "The choice of Delhi as a new market for AVO is not accidental, but had been intended with foresight, as Delhi has become the major IT market in the country." 


The AVO UPS ranges from 0.5 KVA to 20 KVA and the lower capacities are mostly line interactive going to the home segment. The higher ratings of around 20 KVA are online serving the operation consisting of multiple nodes. 

"Our latest model is the single LED, a replacement over the usual triple LED, in addition to having a double conversion facility and a zero change-over time. The distinctive features of the product differentiating us from the rest are our pricing, prompt servicing and technologically improved components," added Agarwal. "The firm is supplying AVOs at a nominal range between Rs 4,000 to Rs 15,000, depending on the requirement. And in order to sustain AVOs longivity, we preferably use batteries from Exide, which is renowned in delivering SMF batteries."

Focusing on providing quality service to an ever-increasing clientele, Switching Electronics hopes to sustain its quality services and add flexibility to its existing features besides adding on to them. 

The firm at a Rs 3 crore annual turnover is optimistic in being able to triple its sales within months of its entry into the northern market. What remains to be seen now is the extent to which AVO would spread its wings within the national market as a prominent UPS in the coming months.