SWAN gets Cabinet Committee approval

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The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved the proposal to

establish State Wide Area Networks (SWAN) across the country in 29 states and

six Union Territories (UTs) in a phased manner to enable seamless delivery of

G2G and G2C converged services-voice, data and video-in the country.

The CCEA has also hiked the initial Rs 1,000-crore plan announced by the

Union Mini-ster for Communications and IT Dayanidhi Maran in Octo-ber last to a

total estimated outlay of Rs 3334 crore for the entire country. The CCEA has

also decided that part of the total outlay, Rs 2005 crore would be used to

provide as Grant-in-aid, to be expended over five years from the date of

sanction of individual project by the Department of Information Technology (DIT),

beginning FY 2004-05.

CCEA has also given its approval for the constitution and composition of the

Empo-wered Committee with the delegation of administrative and financial powers

to app-rove individual SWAN project of the States within the provi-sions laid

down in the SWAN Policy Guidelines by the DIT. As a part of this policy, states

would need to furnish propo-sals to DIT for establish-ment of SWANs. DIT will

meet the entire capital and operational costs of the network for a per-iod of

five years except band-width cost, which has to be borne by the states. A State

may opt to implement the SWAN either through NIC or through any other agency

selected by it.

The policy states that states will have to provide band-width of at least 2

Mbps up to block level by entering into contracts with BSNL or any other

operator. The band-width cost has to be borne by the states.

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