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Supertron eyeing for 2500 cr landmark in 15-16 fy

Supertron Electronics (SEPL) recently organized Annual Business Meet in Dubai to celebrate the continuous growth in IT Industry and achieving 2000 cr milestone. Total 125 team members attended the meet from 34 branches to plan the future business strategy, target and action points.

V. K. Bhandari, CMD of SEPL had given a unique speech for future challenge, road map emphasizing on belief systems, passion, attitude and inter personalized skills, motivation and leadership qualities, he had given few examples thro audio-video clippings of common areas of SEPL business functions specially in product selling. He also highlighted the areas in optimization of resources such as product, fund, human resources and network. At this stage where IT industry growing 10-12% Supertron’s phenomenal team spirit has eying for 25% growth and has set up a target of 2500 crore in IT vertical only for the FY 15-16 and entire team SEPL is confident to achieve this milestone. Vibhor Agarwal, Director Marketing discussed in details about the Industry, opportunities and scope of improvement. Mr. Nirmal Kumar Meharia, Director Finance and administration has explained the financial part along with credit policy.

Supertron Annual Business Meet had the theme “There is no top, There are further heights to achieve” all members were ready to achieve the new heights from 2000 to 2500 crore. Company is eying for opportunities in smaller towns and wants to be closer to the customer and hence setting up 4 upcountry branches like Jabalpur and Puducheri opened recently. SEPL also opens satellite branches in Trivandrum and Rajkot.

All product managers had shared the ideas of future business road map of their Products with clear growth opportunities in an open forum. Meet also had elaborate interaction session on common issues and ways to address them.

Individual performance awards and overall branch performance along with different functional areas were awarded to the deserving candidates and it was followed by celebrating gala night.

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