Supertron adds surveillance systems to portfolio

DQW Bureau
New Update


Supertron Electronics recently unveiled a series of surveillance systems that

are now available across India.

The company is expanding it's product portfolio from regular run-rate IT

distribution to value-added products distribution.

The analog range of products is already available in the country and the IP

camera range will shortly be introduced in September this year.


“We have a complete range of analog cameras, digital video recorder (DVR)

cards and standalone DVRs. In the DVR front, we have introduced hardware

compression technology besides software compression cards,” said Sudipto Gupta,

Product Manager-Surveillance and Storage Business, Supertron Electronics.

Available through a national distribution dealer network chain across 24

cities in India, the surveillance systems are targeted for mass usage. Covering

an all India exchange warranty, the surveillance systems have a backup of

level-2 repair center in Kolkata.

“The principal logic for the strategy of taking a direct distribution route

and introducing it for mass consumption is that we wanted maximum spread and

maximum brand recall. Currently our products are preferred in retail and banking

segments which accounts for two of our largest customers,” commented VK Bhandari,

Director, Supertron Electronics.

“What makes the product unique and strong in all it's aspects is the all

India warranty, easy availability of the product through the wide distribution

system, direct company supply, and above all the high standard of quality we are

offering at a reasonable price,” emphasized Bhandari.