Supercom Memories launches 1GB DDR

DQW Bureau
31 Jul 2003
New Update


New Delhi-based Supercom Memories Pvt Ltd has launched 1GB DDR range of memory modules in India. Supercom is the Country Representative of Simmtronics USA products in India. Simmtronics launched the products in the US market in the last week of June, 2003.

These products are for high-end computers where memory capacity is required for running intensive productive applications and memory hunger games. "These product are manufactured very specifically for machines with a PC speed of 266/333 Mhz. The current demand of this product is on increase because of the fact that CPU speeds and motherboard capacities are increasing. Also there is a huge demand for more speed and memory of the computer by the end users," said Indrajit Sabharwal, MD, Supercom Memories.

According to Sabharwal, the company will be targeting three different segments with its products. While 1GB DDR is meant for desktops, 1GB ECC DDR is for workstations. The company will also be targeting the servers market with 1GB ECC Registered DDR memory modules. All the modules have Simmtronics chipset on their modules.

In India, 1GB DDR will be available for Rs 15,000, 1GB ECC DDR for Rs 17,000 and 1GB ECC Registered DDR for Rs 19,000. 

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