Sundeep Kumar Makthala - 100 Digithon will Achieve New Goals in Future

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Sundeep Kumar Makthala - 100  Digithon will Achieve New Goals in Future

The participants who won the 100 K Digithon campaign were given prizes on Saturday. It was a day-long Telangana Yuvanirman program took place at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH).


The victorious Digital Teachers were Sravan, Prashant and Hari from Adilabad (first prize), Nirmal (second) and Jagtial (third) respectively. They were given awards based on their performance throughout the 100 K Digithon movement held across the State in September this year.

100 K Digithon has been established to be India’s leading digital literacy campaign. Almost 1.96 lakh people were approached all through the campaign and were given training on the digital tools, services and other digital platforms.

During the event, people across the state have registered for T-Wallet, the inventiveness of Telangana government for e-payments. A new record has been set by registration of almost 1.96 lakh persons for T-Wallet during the campaign.


Principal Secretary IT, Government of Telangana, Mr Jayesh Ranjan appreciated the efforts of Digithon team and volunteers across the state. He said that state government would have to depend upon the huge volunteer base for any kind of mass initiatives in future.

Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA) founder president Sundeep Kumar Makthala on this occasion said that 100 K Digithon was the second edition of the mass digital literacy program. He said that earlier 10 K Digithon was successful and 100 K Digithon has created the new record this time.

He thanked the volunteers who supported the cause and especially Digital Teachers who made this incredible record possible by putting their efforts.

ESD Commissioner G T Venkateshwar Rao on this occasion said that digital literacy was the need of the hour and Digithon team, members of TITA along with volunteers were doing a great job. He said that government departments concerned would always be in support for any such cause in the future.

Hundreds of Telangana Yuvanirman volunteers, students of JNTUH students and Digital Teachers attended the event here at JNTUH. The one training was conducted with the help of experts and professionals.