Sun to make India a billion-dollar entity

DQW Bureau
New Update


Sun is all set to shine in India more brightly. The company plans to make India a billion dollar entity and has initiated the process by announcing the investment of $ 1.2 m in R&D this year. From metros to remote corners of the country, the company has also started to focus more on upcountry markets.

Kia-Chiang Ng, Director (Asia South mid-market segment), Sun Microsystems, said, “ India has always been a potential market for us and we are on track to make it a billion dollar entity.”

The company has started targeting new geographies wherein it will focus more on Eastern region, SME segment and B&C class cities. It will also launch and customize products accordingly.

Sun also plans to aggressi-vely push its new Star Office version 6. The company claims that the new version runs ac-ross multiple platforms includ-ing Linux, Solaris and Windows and has received overwhel-ming interest and response in the Indian subcontinent.

Rahul Gupta