Sun intros new StarOffice SW

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Sun Microsystems, Inc, today launched Star-Office 8 software, the latest

version of the desktop productivity suite.

StarOffice 8 software is the first commercial office suite using the Open

Document Format for Office Applications, the OASIS open standard that makes

sharing files easier.

Sun also announced new relationships with leading software publishers Encore

Software, Avanquest Software and a continuing relationship with SourceNext.

The suite is comprised of five key components: Star-Office Writer, Impress,

Calc, Base and Draw. StarOffice software provides excellent compatibility with

Microsoft Office. StarOffice 8 software further improves import and export of

Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, even password-protected MS Word and MS

Excel files and presentations with complex animations, autoshapes and slide

transitions. StarOffice software is available in seven languages and StarSuite

software is available in another four. The suggested list price for the packaged

software product is Rs 5948 and the download price is Rs 4,162.

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