Students, teachers, parents gather for a chat

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Imagine the relief you feel, when your child does not bother you with her daily homework? Or your student does not seek your help in the new project work? Meanwhile, the parents are wondering why their kids have started liking their homework all of a sudden… and developed a keen interest on Net? Well, the answer to all is the interesting concept on the Net, is a service for the educational institutions at primary, secondary and higher secondary level. It brings them together on a single platform, to make the working of each one more uniformed and presence more shared. It is aimed at bridging the gaps in the existing educational system, for two reasons. In the first place, the need for greater and more tutorial support from parents and secondly, to cater to the need of illustrative learning.

As for content of the site, it is broadly divided in three categories, Introduction, Virtual School and iPerform. Introduction is rendered through a guided tour that gives the through and through idea about the site’s offering to different performers in any educational institution, i.e. broadly, students, teachers and parents. Virtual School has over 25 schools from Delhi and an equal number registered from Mumbai, Patna, Chandigarh, Shimla, Jaipur and Indore. Each school is given a login and a password and by accessing the Virtual School section of each school, one gets a view of the homework schedules, forms for leave application, upcoming events in the schools, school notices, special classes and the digital library, that holds the online books for reference and perusal in the closed hours of school. 

iPerform is the latest addition to the site. The idea behind the section is that students can create their own test papers, suited to
their preferences, from a data bank of 15,000 questions developed by experts. Students can also opt to take sample tests updated on the Web. Exclusively, a preparatory package of 12 key components, covers all the preparatory needs for CBSE and ICSE board. 

The site dedicates a complete section to the nurturing part of, the parents. It has a list of points to be noted before selecting a school for the ward, the interview tips, ways to be a better parent, the Web and its various aspects i.e. potential use, netiquettes, basic ways of using Internet and so on. The segment actually targets at the topics that parents might be questioned about, by their kids. 

Another helping tool that comes handy at is the Guided Learning. With this, a student can organize her studies in a much proper manner, defining the priority, timing, concentration and attention level to be given to each subject, according to her individual performance level and understanding. 

Besides, there is the Expert Chat section, which allows the students to chat with teachers at a pre-scheduled time and date. There is also an option of online testing, for which the students have an option of downloading a question paper and then answering it. 

A concept like this is actually a blessing for students preparing for their board examinations. They can now actually prepare their own test papers and what more, the questions when checked, shall be rated according to their importance level in the Board exam ! 

And last which is always the best, the site inculcates an interesting offer, which is of awarding scholarship to the top three students. So now this is for all the students, both the board group and the rest, do you still would not like to prepare for your exams ? When you have so many exciting and interesting ways to do it…

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