Quantum SuperLoader 3 for Data Protection

Quantum SuperLoader 3 for Data Protection. It's an automated tape storage solution for businesses of various sizes and remote office setups.

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Quantum SuperLoader 3

Quantum SuperLoader 3

Rashi Peripherals, a distributor of technology brands, has made Quantum’s SuperLoader 3 available in India. This product is an automated tape storage solution designed for businesses of various sizes and remote office setups.


Businesses face challenges in managing data growth. Data centers, especially smaller ones, need to secure data against loss, malware and damage to their facilities, often with a small IT team.

The SuperLoader 3 provides a solution for offline data protection. It is cost-effective, easy to move, and offers protection against ransomware. This makes it a valuable tool for companies that focus on data security.

Main features -

  • The SuperLoader 3 enables fast data backup and restoration, with speeds reaching 750 MB/sec. This translates to 2.7 TB/hr when using 2.5:1 compression.
  • It uses cartridges that can store up to 30 TB of data, which could cost-effective and dependable option for long-term data storage.
  • The system provides AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption for secure data protection.
  • It comes as a comprehensive solution that includes backup software and deduplication features, which can reportedly reduce data volumes by a ratio of 20:1.

“Leveraging Quantum's history in delivering storage and data management solutions for large data stores, SuperLoader 3 offers the same reliability at an affordable price point, ensuring every business can securely store their data indefinitely,” said Henk Yan Spanjaard, Chief Revenue Officer, Quantum.

"In today's digital era, data protection is paramount for businesses across all scales. Yet, traditional solutions often prove cost-prohibitive for SMBs. With SuperLoader 3, Quantum fills this void with an affordable, automated tape storage system tailored for business and remote offices. SuperLoader 3 ensures robust data security, aligning seamlessly with the evolving needs of modern businesses”, said Rajesh Goenka, CEO of Rashi Peripherals.


The product is a 2U rack-mounted automated system that is simple to install. IT personnel, even those with minimal training in tape libraries, can handle backups and long-term data storage, ensuring compliance with offline data protection standards.

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