Sterlite launches six new optical fibers

DQW Bureau
11 Apr 2006


Sterlite Optical Technolo­gies, a provider of optical

fiber (OF) and telecom cables, today laun­ched six new products.

These include DOF lite (metro), bend lite OF, hybrid cable

with power cable, micro duct lite cable, combo cable, and superLAN-Cat 5e drop


Dr Anand Agarwal, Direc­tor and CEO, Sterlite, said, “We

are attempting to offer innovative products to suit different needs to encourage

the use of optical fiber in the last few miles of connectivity. This is largely

in response to the enthusiastic response we have received from builders and real

estate buyers at property exhibitions across India.”


DOF LITE (Metro) is “S” band compatible. It supports

the CWDM transmission system with 320 channels in S, C and L bands at 10 GB per


Bend Lite OF is compatible with standard SMF ITU T G652 A,

B, C, D fiber and is capable of low bend radius, tighter routing and high fiber

density. This ensures a very high resistance to macro bending loss on C&L


Hybrid cable with power cable consists of both optical

fiber as well as copper wires. These are ideally suited for last mile

connectivity as it affordably offers the delivery of power and telecommuni­ca­tions

through the same cable. The cable is capable of providing an always-on link.


Micro duct lite cable is a lightweight, low diameter and

flexible cable. This makes the blowing of cable through the pre-lubricated ducts

easy. The cable has excellent optical, mechanical and environmental charact­eris­tics.

It has a specially developed low shrinkage high-density polyethylene sheath with

normal thick­ness of 0.5mm.

The cable can accommo­date a fiber count of up to 72F (or

96F or higher). It also has a unique type of loose tube material-polybutylene

terephthalate with low shrinkage characteristics.

Combo cable is a solution to deliver broadband appli­ca­tions

ADSL, FTTH and IPTV. Being fire retardant, lightweight, flexible and easy to

install, it is suitable for indoor applications.

SuperLAN is suitable for outdoor application.

CyberMedia News Mumbai, April 5