Square1 Takes the Internet Retail Industry by Storm

Square1 launched its e-commerce platform this recently. Months into the making, the company is expected to revolutionize the Indian e-commerce market.

The only online retail platform geared towards the Indian audience among a competition recycling products created for a western audience, Square1 wants to change how businesses in India sell online.

The company has recognized the shortcomings of existing western e-commerce platforms that render it pessimal for use by professional internet retail organizations and has set out to address them. Square1 will simplify the process of setting up and running a professional internet retail business and cut down the cost and time involved by over 90%.

With the online retail industry growing at an unprecedented rate, adding around 6 million new entrants every month, and most e-commerce platforms only offering basic theme builders best serving entrepreneurial businesses and one man shops, Square1 instead targets India’s untapped market of professional retail businesses, giving them a solution that is designed to handle large-scale operations, and provide a high end, advanced product.

The best-received features of Square1 seem to be those of custom theme development, which allows customers to have a store designed from scratch to suit their brand, instead of having to choose from a list of predesigned templates. The platform also allows customers to build and use their own plugins, or integrate with other third-party systems.

Square1 is a product of app works, an organization run by six entrepreneurs- Ashish Bhatia, Deepak Sharma, Rakesh Saoji, Gaurav Nagar, Tarun Swaroop and Naved Khan.

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