The SPIDER ST1 & RT1 Mesh-Only Headsets from Sena

Sena Technologies a company of Bluetooth communication solutions for powersports has launched the new SPIDER ST1 & SPIDER RT1 motorcycle communication headsets. The SPIDER ST1 and RT1 both operate exclusively on Sena’s groundbreaking Mesh 2.0 intercom platform, paving the way for the future of motorcycle communication. The SPIDER ST1 and RT1 offer an affordable option for riders to join Sena’s Mesh intercom platform. The SPIDER ST1 and RT1 each pack the same feature set, while the ST1 has a jog-dial control and the RT1 has a more compact design. The SPIDER ST1 and RT1 key features include –

  • One-Click-to-Connect Mesh Intercom
  • Premium HD Speakers
  • Smartphone pairing via Bluetooth 5.1
  • Audio Multitasking
  • Fast charging
  • Jog-dial (ST1) or 3-button (RT1) interface

Sena’s premium Mesh 2.0 technology, as first seen in the flagship 50S and 50R headsets, streamlines rider-to-rider communication for large and small groups and now delivers that same robust reliability for all SPIDER ST1 and RT1 users. The SPIDER ST1 and RT1 are compatible with all Sena Mesh 2.0-equipped devices, including the 50S, 50R, 30K, Momentum EVO, and any Sena Bluetooth device that is connected to the +Mesh Adapter.

The SPIDER ST1 and RT1 feature two different intercom modes: Group Mesh and Multi-Channel Open Mesh. When using Group Mesh, users create a private group that supports up to 24 riders over a range of up to 5 miles / 8 km (min 6 riders @ 1 mi / 1.6 km intervals). Users are invited into Group Mesh, giving added control and privacy. Multi-Channel Open Mesh allows riders to communicate with virtually any number of participants in the Mesh 2.0 network within a range of up to 5 miles / 8 km. Open Mesh also features multi-channel options, riders can switch between nine frequencies for conversations with different riding groups within the larger Open Mesh group.

Bluetooth 5.1 allows users to pair a smartphone to the SPIDER ST1 or RT1 in order to stream music, hear turn-by-turn GPS directions, even take or make a phone call. All audio will be heard through the device’s premium HD Speakers, which provide a marked increase in volume, bass boost, and clarity. The affordable headset is also equipped with Sena’s Audio Multitasking technology so users can have a conversation via Mesh 2.0 Intercom while simultaneously operating their smartphone’s Bluetooth features like music, GPS, or phone calls.

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