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MYITY, an on-demand hyper-local start-up backed by Sysnet Global Technologies has launched its operations with the aim of servicing the Delhi/NCR market for Small Office &Home(SOHO) IT solutions.
It is backed by a 20 year old industry leader Sysnet Global Technologies which is a B2B company.

An end customer facing an IT related problem (desktop, laptop, printer, router, Apple TV, Streaming etc) and doesn’t have the time or patience to go around the local markets of their city, is the exact target group MyITy is servicing and focusing towards.

They service a wide variety of households and holdings – Individual customers – working professionals, house wives, students and senior-citizens. They also service and provide tech support & consulting services for small businesses across sectors like manufacturing, real estate, law firms and schools. MyITY also helps in setting up IT infrastructure for small to medium sized companies across sectors.

They have a robust verification process for the engineers and technicians they take up on board. They conduct both personal and professional background checks on each engineer joining the MyITy team. The trust that is being placed in them as a brand, when you allow their engineers into your homes is of utmost importance in them.

The brand stands on 3 pillars – Convenience, Affordable Solutions and Safety.

Arush Sogani, Founder of MyITY, remarked that “the IT market in India is fragmented and made up of many small local players, who are not verified. After spending 30-40k for a laptop you are forced to go to a Nehru Place type local market, where there is no guarantee of spare parts or quality. MyITy allows you the convenience of having your IT problem solved from the comfort of your home or office, with the guarantee of genuine spare parts (if you purchase from MyITy) and engineers who have been trained by industry experts. There are no hidden charges and until the job isn’t successfully closed no extra charge is billed to the customer, no matter how many visits our engineer has to make”

Kundan Singh, (Head Marketing & Business Development), added that “there is no hurry to raise funds.We are currently bootstrapped and are increasing the number of jobs we execute on a month on month basis. We want to streamline our processes and deliver a stellar customer experience each time, before rushing to raise funding. We are open to raising funds in the near future but not at the cost of the customer experience”

The vision of the brand is to become the go-to solution for customers facing any tech related problems and eliminating the need to get out their homes and go to local shops which have dubious spare parts and lack technical expertise.

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