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The suite launched by BroVis comprises both hardware and software, provides

wireless access or distribution

Chennai-based start-up BroVis Wireless Networks, which was deve-loping

broadband wireless access technology and produ-cts, has recently launched a

solution suite for outdoor broadband wireless connecti-vity. The suite

comprising of both hardware and software will provide wireless access or

distribution up to 5 km in Non Line of Sight (NLOS) using point to multi-point


Wherein Line of Sight, point-to-point application the acce-ssibility is up to

20 kilometers.


According to Muthu Logan, Chief Executive Officer of BroVis, wireless

connectivity has always been indoors in India. "I was thinking of taking it

to outdoors based on 802.11b standards. By taking this first step, we are

embarking on the mission of providing affordable broad-band for the masses in

India. Our solu-tions are standard-based and software centric and can seam-lessly

bind with the existing infrastructure of indoor/outdoor campus network."

The company has solutions targeting campuses and enter-prises specifically.

Accordingly they came up with BroadCell solution suite comprising of

AirStation 1000 (AS1000) Base Station, Air-Client 100 (AC100) Subscriber Unit

and Wireless Infrastru-cture Operating System (WIOS) 1.0 system software.


These products are the first to deliver broadband in Indian subcontinent

market using multimode, concurrent band 802.11 standards based (Wi-Fi)

architecture over wider distan-ces than traditional systems in rough and

challenging NLOS terrain, providing raw through-put of upto 54 MBps, claimed

Muthu Logan.

AS1000 or the Access Con-centrator acts as the Base Station, which can be

configu-red to operate as a point to multi-point system or point-to - point

system for the outdoor wireless applications. The base station will distribute

data wirelessly to AC100 (also called Customer Premise Equipment), at a distance

of 4-5 km.

This is in case of point to multi-point system. For point-to-point wireless

access to happen, two base stations will talk to each other in Line of Sight

cove-ring a distance of about 20-km. Users can access the Internet or the

network inside the building either through wired high-speed trunk interfaces

like Eth-ernet card or by using Access Points.

BroVis has already imple-mented its wireless distribu-tion system for Hathway

in Mumbai and also in Kalsar Engineering College, Tamil Nadu. Muthu Logan is

optimi-stic of having at least 25 deployments of Broadcell solution suite across


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