Software To Southeast Asia- Partner for Polaris, eM client and SentinelAgent

DQW Bureau
16 Aug 2016
Software To Southeast Asia- Partner for Polaris,  eM client and SentinelAgent

Software To Southeast Asia, a technology distributor in Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East, has announced itself as the exclusive regional distribution partner for three innovative products, namely: Polaris Office for PC, eM Client Pro and SentinelAgent. Polaris Office for PC is a cost effective office productivity software package that runs on Windows. eM Client Pro is leading Windows email client which can work with all major email services, and fits well with Polaris Office for PC, to complete a world class office productivity suite. And SentinelAgent provides Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) across Windows based server and workstation technology infrastructures.

Bringing significant expertise in technology distribution, Software To Southeast Asia (S2SEA) exclusively focuses on helping software companies establish and increase market share by connecting client companies to its huge and established network of successful distribution partners.

Arghya Sanyal, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Software To Southeast Asia said "We are excited to announce ourselves as the partner to the mentioned three products. We are planning to significantly expand our business over the next 12 months, as we continue to maintain longstanding and profitable relationships with numerous large scale distribution partners. We also assure that S2SEA will be assisting its customer companies with the best-in-class service and support outcomes."

Here are the unique features of the products that S2SEA has choosen for the Indian market:

  • Polaris Office for PC, is the leading global office productivity window program for Word documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations.  It supports .DOC, .XLS, .PPT and .PDF files formats. Polaris Office is fully compatible with all the versions of MS Office files and is successfully installed on over 900 million devices globally.

  • eM Client Pro, a full featured e-mail client. The ease of local installation on PCs and touch compatibility makes eM Client a modern and easy to use interface. Apart from working with all major services like Gmail, Exchange, iCloud etc, eM Client Pro can be a compelling alternative to MS Outlook. It also has calendar, task, contacts and chat capabilities built into the product. In addition, eM Client Pro supports unlimited user accounts and comes with user support.

  • SentinelAgent, a fully cloud-based Microsoft Windows monitoring solution with a data recovery protection plan. SentinelAgent's ultralight footprint agent-based design securely captures, stores and analyses event logs, performance metrics (WMI) and system inventory in real-time. It can handle complex corporate networks with any number of Windows PCs and servers, including exchange servers, SQL servers, MS Dynamics modules and MS NAV. The data recovery protection plan: DPIS (Data Protection Integrity Service) by SentinelAgent validates the health of the disks and saves significant money on data recovery fees.

"We have been a strong player responsible for distributing millions of licenses across various countries over the past decade. While working with both B2B and B2C software products, we ensure increase market share as well as unmatchable market success for IT services.  We also make sure that only the strongest and established distribution partners work with our clients and their products" further added Mark Anderson, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Software To Southeast Asia.

With strong in-house executive level sales team and distribution partner network, S2SEA is strongly connected to a large number of country-based corporate executives and government agencies, as well as having a long and established track record of connecting to large scale wholesale and retail distribution networks.  It is also looking forward to partnering with strong and established customer support centres that can help maintain the products and services provided by its customers.

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