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Red Hat has announced the third release of Fedora, Fedora Core 3, which

supports five Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and

Tamil. Fedora Core 3, the open source Linux operating system, includes fully

functional desk-top with productivity applica-tions such as an office suite with

a word processor, spread-sheet and presentation tool as well as a Web browser

and an e-mail client. With the availa-bility of these applications users can

share the digitalized text in all five languages, across the platforms, which

support Unicode.

Fedora is a Red Hat spon-sored and community-suppor-ted open source project.

Red Hat recently announced the release of Lohit fonts in five Indian language

fonts as open source, licensed under the General Public License. "Lohit"

which means "Red" in Sanskrit, are now available in five Indian

languages including Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and Tamil. These fonts are

now available with Fedora Core 3.

Javed Tapia, India Director, Red Hat said, "India's domestic software

industry resembles the TV industry around six years ago when the progra-mming

was only in Hindi or English." According to the latest census available

about 525 million Indians speak these five languages". He further added,

"Availability of Linux operating system in the form of Fedora Core 3 in

five Indian languages will play a significant role in bringing out a localized

Linux desktop to the vast majority of Indians. This will in turn go a long way

in bridging the digital divide in India."

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