Softlinkk's Sep hungama back in its Lenovo showroom

DQW Bureau
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Softlinkk Computers ran a three-day special scheme, between Sep 11-13 with

free offers for Lenovo laptops/desktops. The company owns 1,200 sq ft exclusive

Lenovo show­room in Tiruppur and is planning to open another 1,000 sq ft

showroom in Erode come Diwali.

As per the offer, the customers had an option to choose any 10 free items

from 17 items for every purchase of either laptop or desktop. Though some offers

were exclusive for laptops.


The offers included lamination laptop screen, laptop/desktop cleaning

solution, laptop brush, licensed K7 anti-virus software, and 20 percent off on

Xerox Make laser printer.

Arunagiri, CEO, Soft­linkk Computers, said, “We had more than 60 walk-ins on

three days, of which 35-40 were prospective buyers.”

The company sold about 25 units in three days. “Laptops were the most sought

after gadget. Among Laptops, Y-series—27Q was the top pick, while on the desktop

side, Lenovo C-300 attracted many buyers,” Arunagiri noted.

He further added, “We are happy that we sold about 25 units even during the

recession time. Last year, we sold 38 units of laptops/desktops put together.”

The company anticipates 15-20 percent growth this year.