Soft-Aid Computers receives ISO certification

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Pune based maintenance-company, Soft-Aid Computers Pvt Ltd has received the ISO 9001-2000 certification for printhead refurbishing. It has been certified by the London based Bureau Veritas Quality International


The printhead is an important part of a printer and are normally prone to faults. Refurbishing is an activity in which, the faulty parts of the print head are replaced with new parts and it works like a new printhead. Scope of ISO certification also covers other activities the company does like facility management services, annual maintenance contracts and repairs and maintenance of computers and peripherals.

Soft-Aid is a fifteen-year-old company, mainly engaged in maintenance activity of computers and peripherals. Apart from FMS / Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services, Soft-Aid has the largest walk-in repair center in Pune which handles repair jobs for various computer peripherals but Soft-Aids’ real expertise lies in printhead refurbishing and it has a capacity to handle more than 300 printheads per day. 

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