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Snapchat adds new editing features; Snap’tacles’ arrive on Amazon

Snapchat is adding new tools to its platform that makes recording and editing a lot easier. The first feature is Multi-Snap that lets users take up to six consecutive, 10-second video Snaps at once. Previously, users were limited to recording one 10-second video at a time. The other is a new effect called Tint Brush that will let you edit the color of objects within a photo.

In recent months, Snapchat has released a slew of new features — such as photo-editing tools and 3D filters — as it faces heightened competition from Instagram. Multi-snap recording is designed to encourage users to record more videos and share at higher frequency. You can then pick and choose which of the snaps you want to delete or post. But they will always be in chronological order.

 Tint Brush is a photo editing feature where you can change the color of objects or parts of a scene you snap. Snap says all you have to do is pick the desired color for the object and trace an outline of it on the photo itself, and the app will do the rest. Notably, Snapchat uses machine learning to figure out the area you want to select—presumably a form of edge detection—which means you don’t have to be perfect in selection.

Multi-Snap is immediately available on iOS, while Android users will have to wait a bit. But Tint Brush is now available on both iOS and Android.

Snap’s Spectacles now available on Amazon

Meanwhile, Snap’s spectacles have finally arrived on Amazon. Spectacles were Snap’s first hardware product and were introduced to the world with pop-up vending machine drops which were then expanded to direct web orders. Now, they are also available on Amazon. All three colors — black, coral, and teal — are available for the usual $129.99 price in and are eligible for next-day delivery.

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