SmsInfosys develops SMS based applications, targets Indian market

Kolkata based SmsInfosys Ltd, a content provider for GSM operators, has
developed a product that makes possible for a mobile user to send a SMS message
in Hindi. Christened – English to Hindi converter, the SMS product is being used
by Usha Martin for Command users in Kolkata as of now and the company is looking
forward to providing the same solution for other operators within India as well
as in the south east Asian region.

“Command users in Kolkata type SMS in English eg ‘aap kaise hain’ and
send to 45698xxxxxxxx — they just have to type 456 before the destination
mobile number and the recipient receives the SMS in Hindi language,” said
Imtiaz Ahmed, CEO, SmsInfosys. He was in Hyderabad on a business visit.

“The application is hosted in Usha Martin Telecom server in Kolkata and
mobile users type the message in English phonetic font and send it as SMS to a
specified number followed by the destination number. If there are any specific
requirements then the same application can be used to translate for any
language. The application has been sold to Usha Martin for Rs 3 lakh but we are
also looking forward to selling this product on a revenue sharing basis (for 30
percent) with the GSM operators in India,” he informed.

The company has also developed a unique SMS based application for the police
department of Kolkata. “We have developed this application so that if you are
in trouble you can SMS the cops. A mini SMS system is installed at the police
headquarters Kolkata and it will receive the complaint on SMS and automatically
the data is entered in a database. A preformatted form is printed out on laser
printer and if the case requires any immediate action then the police control
room sends a police van instantly informing through wireless,” Imtiaz

Come October and all one would need to get their complaint across to the
police in Kolkata, is a cell phone. Meant to address the grievances of people
while they are traveling across the city, the police of Kolkata hope to redress
the problem of a traveler as soon as they get the complaint.

“When a person is in trouble on the road, he is usually at a loss and does
not know who to get in touch with in the police department. With this system
people will know that they are getting in touch with the traffic department at
once,” he explained.

For other things like a complaint against a specific bus or of hawkers eating
into the pavement or a roadside market blocking the road, the person making such
complain will be given a complaint number.

“We will message back the number to the person and every time he wants to
enquire regarding the complaint or what action the police has taken, he will
have to quote the number. And once the police have taken action, they will call
up the person who had made the complaint to make sure that the person knows that
his grievance has been attended to,” he added.

SmsInfosys started its operations this year with its focus towards content
providing for the GSM operators, m-commerce, WAP and SMS application
development. The company has a team of 10 people based in Kolkata, Dhaka and
Hong Kong.

Zia Askari

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