SMS Chennai Traffic at 98400-00103

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While driving on Chennai road, if you encounter with any accident or traffic

violation you can alert Chennai City Traffic Police (CCTP) on the same by SMSing

to 98400-00103.

Going smart via the SMS mode is an endeavor by the Chennai Traffic to better

service the people and at the same time for the citizens to actively participate

in regulating the traffic. The Commissioner of Police has launched this new

methodology for all mobile users to use SMart Sys for traffic information along

with Airtel and D3D Technologies. The SMS landing at CCTP will be uploaded

instantaneously on their website, which will enable the officials at the control

room to alert the area officials to take the necessary action.

Simultaneously, the citizens can use the same number to get vehicle details.

By typing R along with the vehicle registration number and SMSing the same to

98400-00103 will get you the engine and chassis number. Similarly by typing ‘V’

along with the vehicle registration it will track the traffic violation history

of any vehicle. This is good for those planning to buy second-hand vehicles.

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