SMC offers innovative wireless travel device

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Networks, a technology provider of LAN hardware, broad-band connectivity devices

and SOHO/home wireless products in India, announced the launch of an innovative

all-in-one travel device, the new SMC Wireless Travel Voice Gateway (SMCWTVG).

Compact and versatile, the SMC Wireless Travel Voice Gateway (SMCWTVG)

integra-tes the functions of wireless gateway and VoIP technology into one

perfect device for the business traveler. Users can now select a myriad of

functions based on their specific needs in different networking environments and

at the same time also have the option to use the RJ-11 voice interface for VoIP

calls and life line function.

With the SMCWTVG, you can turn a hotel room into a hot spot where you can

receive private wireless connectivity. For security, built-in features like,

Network Address Translation (NAT), SPI Firewall and VPN pass-through provides

users the capability to construct a secure network. While using the public

hotspot network, the SMCWTVG enhances security through its advanced Wi-Fi

protected access 2 (WPA2) and wireless equivalent privacy (WEP) encryption. At

the same time, the wireless SSID broadcast on/off capability and MAC address

filtering serves as an additional safeguard.


The built-in 802.11b/g module and internal antenna allows the SMCWTVG to

be compatible with both IEEE 802.11g and 802.11b standards, and it can be

operated in access point, wireless client or repeater mode. Included in the

device are 1 FXS and 1 FXO interfaces with RJ-11 connectors, which can be

connected to traditional telephones. When an analog telephone is plugged into

the SMCWTVG, through the FXS interface, low cost VoIP calls can be made. The FXO

interface can also be connected to PSTN for regular telephone calls or lifeline


“The SMCWTVG is a perfect fit with our ongoing mission to deliver new

and innovative products that serve the needs of today's mobile busi-ness

professionals,” said Jimmy Goh, VP, Sales and Marketing, SMC Networks. “The

combined VoIP solution with secured net-working capability is ideal for

today's mobile professional who frequently make calls on the move or in an LAN


The SMC Wireless Travel Voice Gateway (SMCWTVG) retails at US$150 and will

be made available at the end of first quarter 2006 at all retail channels.