Smartlink's freedom initiative

The company celebrated the Independence Day with 'Sone ki Chidiyaa' initiative to protect sparrows

DQW Bureau
16 Aug 2012

Smartlink celebrated the Independence Day with a unique initiative 'Sone ki Chidiyaa'. The initiative fueled the company's endeavor towards a greener planet and to preserve the nature, wherein it gave away a scientifically unique birdhouse to protect sparrows bidding for their protection and healthy living.

Speaking on the unique initiative, Navinder Chauhan, GM, marketing, Smartlink Network Systems said, "On this Independence Day spread love and experience a wonderful feeling of being one with nature. We at Smartlink, appeal you to adopt this scientifically innovative and unique bird house to protect sparrows and other small birds, their eggs and their chicks. This Birdhouse can be placed on your window, balcony or a nearby tree."

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