Smart innovative Lighting Solutions for home

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Smart innovative Lighting Solutions for home

Authored by- Gurumukh Uttamchandani, Executive Director, SYSKA Group


Over the past few years, lighting solutions have taken a turn for the better. Apart from being energy efficient, companies are making them “smart” to keep up with the technological revolution that’s underway. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), WiFi, Bluetooth –you name it and it has been incorporated to make our lives a lot easier as compared to yesteryears.

Although these solutions seem expensive at the beginning, they are convenient to use and are beneficial in the long run. They even last longer than conventional lighting solutions. Apart from the convenience factor, smart lighting has various other benefits. They help conserve energy, thereby helping the environment. They also enhance the safety and security of the property they are in. For instance, one can pre-program the lights to go on and off at certain intervals simulating the presence of humans while actually they’re away on a vacation, thus keeping thieves at bay.

Also, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is something we need to watch out for. It is growing at an impressive pace and has been incorporated in countries abroad. Apart from energy and sustainability points of view, IIoT has been instrumental in achieving increased public safety and safer traffic when incorporated in public places. Through their implementation, additional opportunities can be identified and incorporated in the near future for a better way of life for the citizens. They are the backbone of smart cities that are fast mushrooming in the world today. Some of the opportunities that IIoT presents to us are:

  • Mobile broadband connectivity
  • Smart parking
  • Traffic management
  • Traffic control
  • Public safety

Coming to the household scenario, the current generation of consumers is smart and they’re influencing even the older generation to adopt energy-efficient solutions around the house. We have everything on our palms literally, thanks to smartphones and their versatility. Interior décor-conscious youngsters are adopting smart lighting to improve the look and ambience of their homes. The trend towards tunable, attractive, customizable lighting has driven many residents to adopt it into their homes. Global intelligent platforms like Tuya Smart are enabling products to be smarter for the consumers.

In my opinion, this is a desired change. Ignoring the initial cost of installing the lights, the maintenance and replacement costs are lower than conventional lighting solutions as these smart fittings last longer than their conventional counterparts. Another trend that I see everywhere today is virtual assistants. They are literally everywhere and I see no reason for them to not be in the lighting space. Voice controlled lighting solutions add that sci-fi movie touch for people enthused by the idea. Such innovative and creative solutions have indeed made an impact and I feel this trend is here to stay for good. Imagine something like Alexa controlling your bedroom lighting so you wouldn’t have to get out of your cozy bed to dim them. Cool, isn’t it!

The wide amount of personalization is also something that attracts me to smart lighting. From setting light dimming level, changing the color temperature, setting color in RGB spectrum, switching it on and off to setting automated scenarios for light based on time schedule, a user can explore these and many more functionalities from the convenience of their palm/voice. Astonishing though it is, it’s the fact that such solutions do exist today. From beautifying to utilitarian, smart lighting is no longer a thing of the future. It is right here allowing us to control our homes like never before and it is here to stay longer than anyone can ever anticipate (unless someone comes up with something even more progressive than smart lighting).