Skybox Security augments Visibility in Hybrid IT Environments; Launches Interoperability with VMware NSX

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Skybox Security augments Visibility in Hybrid IT Environments;  Launches Interoperability with VMware NSX

Skybox Security, a global source in security analytics, has recently announced new interoperability with the VMware NSX network virtualization platform, supporting network mapping, access analysis and vulnerability detection in NSX environments.


With this introduction, Skybox continues to expand its security management capabilities to virtual and cloud networks, bringing greater visibility to hybrid IT environments. Skybox previously announced integration with Amazon Web Services. (See how Skybox improves security in the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.) And, the company will rollout support for additional virtualization and cloud platforms in the next year.

With new functionality in Skybox Network Assurance, enterprises gain end-to-end visibility, from their physical networks to virtualized and cloud networks. Comprehensive network mapping and modeling gives network security administrators insight to how policy is actually deployed on virtual machines and enables end-to-end access analysis, combining both north-south and east-west policies. Using Skybox security analytics and the network model, vulnerability management teams are also now able to discover vulnerabilities in virtual and cloud environments that were previously uncharted or inaccessible.

“Virtual machines are often spun up by system administrators who don’t view network architecture the same as security engineers”, said Skybox VP of Products Ravid Circus. “Yet, security teams need to be able to ensure security policy and tagging is implemented correctly to allow only authorized access to these machines. To do that, you need the same level of visibility into your virtual and cloud environments that you’ve come to expect with physical networks — Skybox provides that.”

Increased visibility into software-defined networks also further strengthens the capabilities of the Skybox Security Suite by providing the contextual information needed for accurate, risk-based prioritization of security and compliance exposures and attack vectors across the entire attack surface.