SITA to elect new members in executive committee

After successfully supporting the e-waste management event with Gujarat Pollution Control Board, the present SITA committee is about to have a formal meeting that will be deciding on the new members of the association’s committee.

Talking to The DQ Week, Unnat Mehta, Official spokes person, SITA told, “This is the year changing time for the association and the annual year meeting is soon to be held in June which will be deciding upon the new members of the committee.The meeting will be followed by a blood donation camp and we are in talks with a hospital for the  tie-up”.

“In some time we will be deciding for the new committee formation.As every president has a tenure of 1 year of his working thus this month we will be selecting a committee and the present committee will be dissolved soon. Usually we conduct elections in February or in March, but from past 2-3 years the association is indulge new this new process of conducting a committee’s meet and then decide on new members. Now the new committee meeting takes place from June to June. Whatever is done by the president has to be submitted to other members of the committee. Every year 2/3rd of the committee members are getting retired, and  this year also 6 people got retired thus lead to the need of the meeting. After the slowdown in the market people want to concentrate on their own businesses thus we are conducting executive committee’s elections  like this only now on wards.”, Unnat in the talking added.

There are some set of norms which SITA follows to elect the executive committee’s members, some are:

  1. The candidate applying for the post should be the member of the association from more than 2 years.


  1. He should be supported by other members in the association.


  1. A branch manager cannot be a committee member, he should be a proprietor, or director of his company and he can be a partner too.


  1. Also the present committee analyse that the  person who has applied for the post will be able to run the association well pr not.

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