Simmtronics announces release of memories for laptops

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Memory manufacturer Simmtronics, the regis-tered trademark of

Memory Component Corporation, US, has announced the product release of 512 MB

SODIMM DDR PC 266/PC333 used for laptop/notebooks.

The company claimed that Simmtronics is only the second

company in the world to launch these memory modules. These modules are with

Simmtronics chipset using the latest 64x8 technology. All modules have

Simmtronics chipset. Super-com Memories Pvt Ltd based in New Delhi, has

successfully sta-rted shipping 512 MB SODIMM DDR PC 266/PC333. These memories

are now available ex-stock from the company. These modules are available at Rs

9,000 for 512 MB. These prices include modvat and sales tax.

Supercom is the cou- ntry representative and exclusive

distributor for Simmtronics, US, in India. All Simmtronics memories are packed

indivi-dually in anti-static bags with ‘copper colored 3D hologram’ and

bar-coded sticker giving the capacity (512MB) of the memory on the package and

on the memory module.

DQW News Bureau

New Delhi